Impulse® TENS D5 – New Look Coming Soon

This device has been in service for over 10 years and is being re-designed by adding more features. Estimated availability,  February 2024. 

BioMedical Life Systems is proud to introduce its new generation in Electro-Therapy Devices, the Impulse® TENS D5 Digital TENS Device. The device incorporates a “Clam Shape” design that when closed, covers the large LCD Screen and Control Buttons.

The inside flip top cover includes an diagram of the characteristics of the five modes of operation; constant, width modulation, rate modulation and two different types of burst. A timer allows the patient to use the device for a specified period of time and a low battery indicator light illuminates when the AA batteries need to be changed. If the device is not correctly attached to the patient, the amplitude does not increase.

This device comes with everything needed to manage your therapy session and includes our exclusive proprietary Touch Proof design and robust Touch Proof lead wires only available on BMLS (BioMedical Life Systems) devices.

2 Year Limited Warranty

HCPCS code # E0730          Item Number # KIMTD5

BioMedical Life Systems, Inc. distributes their products through various Dealers, Distributors, and Healthcare Organizations.

Due to the worldwide shortage of MCU components, this device may have limited productions. Please contact us if you have any questions by calling 800-726-8367 or emailing [email protected]

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Channels: Dual
Electrodes: 4
Waveform: Symmetrical biphasic square wave
Amplitude: 0-100 mA (adjustable)
Pulse Rate: 1- 120 Hz (adjustable)
Pulse Width: 25 – 250 µS (adjustable)
Continuous: Constant Stimulation
Pulse Rate Modulation: Pulse Rate modulates from 100Hz down to 20Hz over a 15 second cycle (7.5 seconds down 7.5 seconds up. Pulse width is adjustable.
Pulse Width Modula­tion


Pulse width modulates from 125-250µS and back down over a 5 second cycle (2.5 seconds down, 2.5 seconds up). Pulse Rate is adjustable.
Burst I


One second ON. One second OFF. Pulse Rate and Pulse Width are adjustable.
Burst II: Seven Pulses per burst, 2 bursts per second. Pulse Width is adjustable.
Power Supply: 2 AA Batteries, Type LR6
Size: 4.2” x 2.9” x 1.4”( 10.7cm x 7.4cm x 4cm)
Weight: 3.35 oz (94.97 grams)
Resistance Load: Data was recorded across a 500 ohm resistance load


  • Impulse® TENS D5 device
  • (4) 2”x2” square reusable electrodes
  • BMLS Touch Proof lead wires
  • (2) AA batteries
  • Zippered pouch
  • Belt clip
  • Instruction manual