BioKnit® Grounding Cuff

The BioKnit® Grounding Cuff is used as the “second” or  “grounding” electrode. This grounding cuff should be used in conjunction with BioKnit® Conductive Gloves, Socks, Elbow Sleeves, or Knee Sleeves. These conductive garments take the place of traditional adhesive electrodes and is well suited for patients who want ease of application or who have sensitive skin.

All BioKnit® conductive garments are woven with silver threading to provide even stimulation to the entire treatment area when used in conjunction with an electro-stimulation device such as TENS, EMS or HVPS.

It’s highly recommended the use an electrolyte spray with all conductive garments. This type of spray increases electrode-to-skin conductivity, eliminates hot spots, and prevents electrode dry-out during prolonged use. Using in conjunction with conductive garments will coat the silver conductive thread preventing tarnish. Using water as a lubricant will tarnish the silver threading over time lessening the garments effectiveness. BioMedical Life Systems offers an effective electrolyte spray for your convenience.

HCPCS code # E0731

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Universal Size Conductive Grounding Cuff