Electrolyte Solution and Skin Prep Spray

The electrolytes in the solution help conduct and spread the electrical impulses from the stimulation device evenly across the treated skin and throughout conductive garment.

Using regular tap water or generic electrolyte solutions carries a number of problems and dangers, both to equipment and to patients. While they might save money, the results are not worth the time. Tap water contains a different balance of minerals, along with fluoride and other neurotoxins which can harm the effectiveness of your device and possibly harmful your health.

A Conductive Electrolyte Spray increases electrode-to-skin conductivity, eliminates hot spots and prevents electrode dry-out during prolonged use. Use as a pre-electrode prep. Great for use in conjunction with conductive garments for increased conductivity and coats the silver thread in a conductive garment to prevent tarnish that water and other media may cause.

Accept no substitutes for this unique solution.

  • Electrode solution and skin prep
  • Electrolyte for use with muscle stimulation equipment
  • Non-staining and non-gritty
  • Highly conductive
  • Easy to apply and to clean up
  • Leaves no residue build-up
  • Bacteriostatic and hypoallergenic
  • Clear spray dispenser bottle indicates remaining supply
  • 8.5 oz.

Part # GMIST250