Mission Statement

The success of BioMedical Life Systems, Inc. (BMLS®) is derived from focusing on customer satisfaction through widespread and active employee involvement. We believe quality and service are a direct result of qualified individuals working together for a common goal — providing the highest quality of service and product attainable.

Our goals are to:

Focus on continuously improving the level of customer satisfaction by providing quality service and products designed for safety, effectiveness, durability and reliability.

Assure a culture that values the highest performance from each employee in every function performed and one that does not depend upon inspection to maintain quality of product.

Quality is not only the goal of BioMedical Life Systems, Inc. (BMLS®), but is the responsibility of each employee, individually and as part of the team, in every function that is undertaken for, or on behalf of, the Company.

Company Background

BioMedical Life Systems, Inc. (BMLS®), Carlsbad, California, has been manufacturing portable Electro-Therapy Devices and Accessories for over thirty years. The result is a comprehensive family of devices meeting the range of needs from Workers Compensation to advanced physical therapy.

BioMedical Life Systems, Inc. (BMLS®) distributes its products nationally through Home Health Care Dealers and Internationally through its Distributors. The product line consists of battery operated devices: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators (TENS) and Microcurrent Devices used for pain relief; Muscle Stimulators used for muscle reeducation; Interferential and High Volt Pulsed Stimulators used for pain and edema reduction. An extensive array of electrodes and accessories are available for all environmental conditions that may affect the performance of the devices.

Striving to improve the performance of its devices, BioMedical Life Systems, Inc. (BMLS®) manufactures devices with surface mount, microprocessing technology and touch proof lead wire design.