INF Plus® – Interferential Stimulator

BioMedical Life Systems Inc. INF Plus® Interferential Device utilizes Microprocessor technology, with tolerance levels of less than 10%, this portable device incorporates a sinusoidal wave form usually found only in large Clinical Models.

  • Three pre-programmed sweeps; 1-10Hz, used for Edema Reduction, 80 – 150 Hz used for Pain Relief, and 1 – 150 Hz used for Total Treatment allow for easy set up and patient instruction.
  • The Device offers Bipolar stimulation using two electrodes where the interferential stimulation is already “mixed” or Full interferential stimulation with the use of four electrodes.
  • The device has a timer for the desired treatment time, and operates on four AA batteries or an optional wall adaptor (optional).
  • Device comes standard with lead wires, electrodes (4), batteries, instruction booklet and carrying case.

Requires Prescription

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General Specs

General Specs

Size: 2.75″ x 4.5″ x 1.5″ (6.9cm x 11cm x 3.8cm)
Weight: 8.1oz (229 grams)
Channels: Dual
Waveform: Symmetrical sinusoidal biphasic (INF)
Carrier Frequency: 4000 Hz, Fixed
Interference Frequency (adj): 4001 – 4150 Hz
Continuous Stimulation (adj.): Difference Frequency 1-150 Hz
Frequency Shifts (3): 1. 1 – 10 Hz over 6 seconds
2. 80 – 150 Hz over 8 seconds
3. 1 – 150 Hz over 10 seconds
Output Current: 0 – 66 Milliamps peak to peak
Output Voltage: 0 – 2.5 Volts peak to peak
Intensity (adj.): 0-66 mA
Power Supply: 4 AA Batteries
Optional Medical Grade wall adaptor
Output parameters are across a 500 ohm resistance.