EMS® 2000 – Analog Muscle Stimulator

BioMedical Life Systems EMS® 2000 Neuromuscular Simulator is a Two Channel analog device with Three Modes of operation; Cycled, Constant, and Reciprocal. The device has adjustable On Ramp 0-2s, On Time 0-60s, Off Time 0-60s, and Pulse Rate 1-80Hz. The unit is powered by one 9-volt battery.

Requires Prescription

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General Specs

General Specs

Size: 3.9″ x 2.75″ x 1″ (9.90cm x 6.98cm x 2.54cm)
Weight: 4.6 oz (132 grams)
Channels: Dual
Waveform: Symmetrical square biphasic (NMS)
Pulse Rate (adj.): 1 to 80 Hz
Pulse Width: 300 µs
Stimulation Modes: 1. Constant 2. Reciprocation 3. Cycled
Output Voltage: 49 Volts peak to peak
Intensity (adj.): 0-98 mA
Power Supply: 9 Volt Battery
Output parameters are across a 500 ohm resistance.