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How long do the REBOUND® Pre-Wired Pads Last?

Conductive Pad Care: (read entire product manual before applying the pads to your body)

  1. Open the bag containing the conductive pads and remove the plastic sheet with the pads. Leave the conductive pads attached to the plastic sheet at this time and save the plastic bag for later storage.
  2. Before removing from the plastic, determine the correct pad placement locations by using the Pad Placement Guide listed in the product manual which illustrate pad placement locations for some common pain conditions.
  3. Gently clean the area of the body where the pads will be applied with mild soap and water. Be sure to rinse the area completely to remove all soap residues and dry thoroughly before applying the pads to the skin and dry the skin completely after washing.
  4. Avoid using lotions in the area as the pad will not stick as well.
  5. The dark side of the pad that is attached to the plastic is sticky, and should be attached to the body utilizing the following steps
  6. CAUTION: Do not handle the pads by the wire. This can damage the pad.
  7. Remove the pads from the plastic sheet by peeling from the corner of the pad.
  8. Apply both of the pads to the intended location on the body by pressing the sticky side of the pads against the skin. In order for the pads to work properly, ensure that the whole sticky pad surface adheres well to the skin and maintains total contact with the skin (no curling, gaps or bubbles).
  9. If the adhesive portion of the pads become dirty, you may rehydrate them by removing them from the conductive cables, running a finger under a drop of tap water, and wiping the surface of the pad clean. If the pad becomes too moist during this process, allow the pad to dry (black side up) before using again in order to maintain adhesive properties.
  10. Store the pads on the plastic sheet they came on and in the plastic bag they came in. Seal them inside and store at room temperature in a dry place.